Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Bike Saftey

A spectacular day has come upon us. Bike safety. We have had a stupendous hour of fun fulled courses and some bike races.  Room 14, 15 and 18 have enjoyed constable gordens amazing recreation of biking in real life. With round about's, sneaky driveways, potholed pavement and tight crossing. what an cool way to learn about safety. 

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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cornwall Park

In the weekend, I went to the cownwall park with my mom and dad. There were many birds in the park, we used the bread to feed them. And then, we went to hiking. We walked by the one tree hill, we see some people use the rocks to make words. After that, we walked down back to the park. We saw many sheep on the grass, some of them were eating, and some of them were playing. I think the baby sheep are very cute. Finally, we went back in to the car and drove home. I felt very happy.

By Ella

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Term 2 Passion Projects

Term 2 Passion Projects on PhotoPeach

When Sewing Goes Wrong

"No! No! No! " said Scarlet i want the blue fabric. Scarlet's face turned as red as a strawberry. She started stamping her feet. Gemma said " your very picky Scarlet". Stella started to cut the fabric , Stella cut right through the fabric by accident . Gemma had a puzzled look on her face.

Ouch! I shouted , Stella started laughing her head off. I felt annoyed like i was getting laughed at by a hyena. " I only got pricked by a needle " i told Stella.

All of a sudden Stella's mum shouted " i need my needle girls ". Stella and I looked everywhere but we couldn't find it. Stella blamed it on me. I told Stella " It wasn't me" , but she didn't listen. Thinking to myself that she was ignoring me. I told Stella " it would be a piece of cake to find the needle " .

Ow Ow Ow Stella screamed, Stella pricked herself with the needle. Stella's bottom lip quivered. Suddenly i pricked myself with the needle too. My shoulders slumped as i dragged my legs across the the ground. Stella and i started laughing but i thought Stella was hurt.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

How a Falcon Hunts

How a Falcon Hunts

A lot of animals hunt by stalking their prey but the falcon a distant relative of the hawk hunts with another clever tactic that works better for this species. It dives on it’s prey to catch them off guard. The falcon generally eats small birds  but will sometimes eat rats or mice.

First the falcon flies up at a point high enough to scan the area and turns around in midair so its prey seems motion less behind it, this is called a fix. A fix allows the falcon to predict what its prey will do next. The falcon opens it claws and flexes them when it has seen its prey. Then the falcon will dive at its prey and  grab or stun the small bird with its claws and beak.

Next the bird hovers about 12-15 metres off the ground and like its enemy the cat, will unusually bite the bird around the neck to kill it. The bird will now be ready to be eaten which the falcon will gladly do.

Finally the falcon will go back to its nest or perch to gorge itself on the dead bird or feed its chicks by chewing it, swallowing it, and vomiting it into the chicks mouth, this process is called regurgitation.

I think falcons are an interesting species of bird and how they hunt is very clever even though 90% of the time its prey escapes it.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

How The Food Chain Works...

The circle of life is an amazing chain that stretches to every animal, but who’s prey and who are the predators?

Firstly most things on the food chain are alive. At the bottom are grass, nuts, berries, leaves. The food chain usually starts of with plants and ends with animals. Although  these animals are weak there are some dangerous plants.

Secondly there are millions of animals that are very close to the bottom of the food chain. These animals include bugs, ants, frogs, and any small eggs that have not yet hatched. they eat plants, berries and leaves.

Thirdly  almost 10,000 animals are big enough to be prey and predators, which means they are hunted by animals but they also hunt themselves.  These animal have longer lives than the weaker animals some of these animals are gazelles and deer.  These animals can still die but are harder to kill then the bugs and insects.

Finally there is there are some special predators that are right at the top i'm talking animals like some snakes lions, tigers and sharks. If you are at the top of the food chain it means that you can't die in less you are taken down by a group or a pack of dangerous animals.

As you can see the food chain is an amazing process.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Maria character description

In the of a small village lived the lonely Maria.
Maria had long black hair that swang behind her pointy ears as smooth as silk. Her eyes were the colour of the deepest darkest ocean.
She wore a long purple silky cloak, a bright green dress and also a shimmering silver crest.
Everyone liked her since the lonely Maria had saved the small peaceful village from a mighty evil dragon. Maria loves to read books, books and books, it helps her at school alot. Maria was very brave kind and helpful even when everyone hated her.