Thursday, April 6, 2017

Maria character description

In the of a small village lived the lonely Maria.
Maria had long black hair that swang behind her pointy ears as smooth as silk. Her eyes were the colour of the deepest darkest ocean.
She wore a long purple silky cloak, a bright green dress and also a shimmering silver crest.
Everyone liked her since the lonely Maria had saved the small peaceful village from a mighty evil dragon. Maria loves to read books, books and books, it helps her at school alot. Maria was very brave kind and helpful even when everyone hated her.


In a lovely sized house, on a beautiful street lived the wormwoods they are nasty people with  a terrible sense of humor but not Matilda.

Matilda’s eyes are as brown as the branches on trees, her smile is so bright you could see it from a mile away, Matildas short brown hair fly’s with the wind. The dresses and bows that Matilda where's makes her look older in a good way.

Matilda’s reading and mathematic skills are way above the others. She is the most smart, intelligent, kind and caring.

Stelling back things, going on adventures and messing around with her powers are strengths of Matilda’s. Matilda messes around with the trunchbull to get back what she had done to miss hony.

Even though Matilda comes from a horrible family she is still kind,caring and smart.

                        By Matilda

Monday, April 3, 2017

Book week by Charlotte

       Book week

last week it was book week !!!!!
Each day there was a doctor sues theme .
On Monday we wore wacky woolly colourful socks from fox in socks .  On Tuesday we had to were something green E.G  a headband or face paint or if you were in atkin house you could where your house T - shirt . On Wednesday we wore tall hats barays cool hats or any hats you wanted . Lastly we dressed up as our favourite book charter I saw M r twit and Mrs twit , harry poter and alout  of Amazing book charters . 

BY Charlotte      hope you  enjoyed !!!!!!!

Sunday, April 2, 2017

passion projects

This term in hillary team we have been doing passion projects. Passion projects is where the students get to choose a hobby or passion to work on for two blocks each week. If two or more students have the same idea the can form a group. the boy/girl can choose whatever they want so long as they learn something in the end and present it properly. Before the pupil can start their passion project they need to get permission from the teacher or if it involves other people the need to ask the principal and deputy  principal. Some examples of things they are doing are: basketball tournament, bird house, art.

By Margo Renoux

cultre day

hey do you know that different cultures is a strength? this is just one of these questions that kohimarama students are asking. in room 15 we are going to have a culture day celebration how different cultures is a strength. England, Figi, Samoa, china, Japanese, Thailand. these are some places that kohi school kids are researching.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coramandel beach

One weekend I went to a Coromandel beach with my family and I went to a orange canoe and I saw a big wall, the orange canoe turned over and I turned over too because the big wall pushed the canoe and the canoe hurt my head and I saw a small boat on the sea. I saw some beautiful shells and I swam in a big wave with my brother. After that I went to my big home for my brother’s birthday. My brother’s presents were Pokemon cards, a little kiwi, Lego,a spider-man costume, a picture in water colours and a chocolate.

Soccer picnic

                                                          Soccer picnic

One beautiful day i was in the car on the way to saint heliers park for a soccer picnic basically everyone was there it was so fun then it the fun really it was adults vs kids and as you know the kids would and did win easy peasy lemon squeasy it was like 10,6 kids 10 adults 6.

The next event was shooting practice the closest goal was 1 the second closest goal was 2 then 5 then 10 then 20 and 50 and i got 0 because i always went for the 20 and i didn't get it once my brother got 40 the first time that was the second best score so he got into the finals and he came last in the final’s.

Then there was the sumo penalty shoot out sadly i didn’t make it to the finals but my brothers friend sam shoot as the same time as someone else and he saved the other